We help design and implement effective branding strategies for brand visibility & market penetration.

Branding Colaterals

Creating connects for the brand

Influencing Mindshare

GSB | Banner & Flex
Standee-Cutout | Display
Print Production | 3D Lettering
Vehicle Branding | Letter & Wall Painting
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Space Design

Amalgamating aesthetics with the laws of ergonomics

Experience & Productivity

Space Design for
Office | Factory
Institute | In-Shops
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Brand Activation

Creating touch points for brands

Creating Brand Engagement

Canter Activity
In-shop & Mall Activation
Brand Event
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Road Marking

Line Strippers for consumers feel comfortable about where to go

Enhancing User Experience

Line stripping for
Parking Lots | Streets
Pedestrian Path | Airports
& More
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Branding Colaterals

Glow Sign Boards

We design, manufacture and install​ standard and customized Glow Sign board

Banner & Flex

We design, manufacture and install​ all types of banners and flex whether non-lit, front-lit or back lit

Standee & Cutouts

We design, manufacture different types of standees & cut-out. We also have back-lit and digital standees.

Display Branding

We are engaged in design, manufacturing, and installation a large range of Acrylic Branding Display and gondolas.

Print Productions

We design and print various print colaterals link Coffee table Books, Brochures, Posters, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Corporate Stationery etc

3D Lettering

We design, manufacture and install​ all types of 3D Lettering fabricated on acrylic ACP or other materials

Vehicle Branding

We design and fabricate mobile branding solutions for brands using different media be it for A/c bus or cabs or canters

Letter & Wall Painting

We offer letter and wall painting services for outdoor and indoor.

Space Design


Space Design for Office | Factory | Institute | In-Shops 

At Tejom Digital we believe  in innovation and user experience. We are agile with our designs and dynamic with our ideas. Space Design is yet another area. Be it office, institute, factory or shop we engage ourselves in making it vibrant and ideal for the footfall whether internal or that of customers. 

Our interior designs amalgamate aesthetics & the laws of ergonomics to improve experience & productivity

Brand Activation


Canter Activity | In Shop Activation | Mall Activation | Brand Events

We at Tejom Digital believe that all brands thrive on the experience it delivers. Brand Activation creates positive experience for the brand making it more tangible for consumers.

With Brand Activation you help you create touch points beyond your brick and motor confinements.

Road Marking

Line stripping for Parking Lots | Streets | Pedestrian Path | Airports & More

Branding is about image building. So an holistic appeal becomes a key. Even the parking lots and approach roads with precision marking help to build consumer experience.

 We use line-strippers for dependability, high performance, and quality results

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